At the start of the year we announced an all new VadZilla GTR wide body build that our good friends at BPA body shop are building down in Launceston, and we are pleased to say the build is starting to gather some pace.

After a conversation with the owner Ben he has give us a complete rundown on the build, and it’s not just a cosmetic build but the full works, the engine is coming in for some power upgrades, Ben told us the engine upgrades were not intentional more a necessity, as he purchased the car with a damaged engine, as it had dropped a couple of valves so the engine is in with a good friend, for some love and affection, so all the usual suspects will be up for enhancing, exhaust, injectors, intakes, with a few other bits on the upgrade list , so it should have plenty of go, with all the show.

With the original quarter panels removed, the aero kit has been test fitted, ready for the bonding of the new wider quarter panels that will house the extra special set of wheels that were built specifically for this build, the design chosen is our VAD CR-EVO in 12.5x21 fronts and 13x21 rears with deep concave profile, and the extended legs, gloss black centres and outer lips, with Gold bullion inner barrels, and hardware, it really is a beautiful combination, and one we can wait to see wrapped in the extra wide 355/25R21 Pirelli Pzero and installed on the car, hurry up Ben :-)

Lots of other quality parts are also finding their way onto this build, Ohlin 2 ways adjustable coilover suspension is a nice little touch, so the GTR gets the stance of the car all sorted, it all sounds mouth watering, especially the colour combination the car will be painted in, which we will cover in more detail in our update as the build progresses.

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Over the last few months there has been a very special build taking place, and as it’s now starting to take real shape we have decided to share the build. It all started when we shared our own plans to build an ASPECT-GT BMW Z4 wide body, styled after the amazing BMW Z4 GT, after a lengthy discussion our dealer Reflect-ADS along with their customer jumped at the chance of building the ultimate street warrior that will prowl the streets of Dubai UAE.

The car Z4 is the e89 chassis, with the top of the range 3.5is model, so no slouch especially in tuned form, it a pretty nimble car once the terrible overly soft suspension has been upgraded, but it wasn’t enough for the owner, the plan was to make it go, with all the show and a BMW E60 M5 was purchased, not just the engine the whole car, which was relieved of the most important bit the V10 and all the important bits that help with that wonderful engine note.

With the engine installed and running, it was time to turn the attention to the bodywork, and the Aspect-GT was the chosen body work, it’s as close to the GT look you will get from a road car, with the fit and finish you expect from this composite company, as they showed with the Ferrari 458 GT3 that was built for Mr Mikael Persbrandt, the panels were not only super light weight, but the weave and quality of carbon really was off the top shelf, which is why they are our composite partners.

With the aero kit ordered, including the GT Spec rear wing, which is chassis / boot floor mounted, it was time to spec up the exhaust and suspension. Eisenmann exhaust is the exhaust of choice, and listening to the set up we can see why, it really is a beautiful noise, and lets the V10 sound exactly like it should do, certainly makes the hairs stand to attention.

Next up was the suspension, with so many options available, it was decided that an off the shelf system just wasn’t required, it has to be a bespoke set up, so a QRS 2 way adjustable system was chosen, built to Aspect-GT specification, the quality is impeccable, beautifully constructed and finished in the wonderful trademark purple, they really are a work of art, and fit in perfectly with this build, it’s had the best of everything thrown at it, so there was no cutting corners when it came to the chassis, it now handles like it should do.

With any build, especially a wide body, the wheels make-uth the car, and this build needs a special set of wheels, 19” was the desired size, in widths 10.5” front and 13” rears needed to fill the new fenders front and rear, with 275 and 345 the chosen tyres. The design was our classic mesh design from our concave 3 piece forged range the VM1, gloss black outer rim and inner barrel, with a matte black centre and titanium hardware, with GT centre caps.

The car is now going through the final stages of its build, and it’s almost time for paint, we will update with more news of this beast as it nears completion.

The middle of 2015 saw us launch with our composite partner BAMD our Ferrari 458 carbon fibre aero programme, the GT3 inspired Curseive, thanks to owner Mikael Persbrandt the car has been spotted all over Europe, with trips to the Nordschleife (Nürburgring) and the last outing was the Granturismo event at Polonia race circuit Poland, where GT Board filmed the car in all its glory... Enjoy


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