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With over 20 years experience in the Retail/Wholesale market, VAD has become one of the pinnacle names in the alloy wheel industry, supplying our brands to customers with luxury auto-mobiles all over the world.  We cater for every vehicle marquee, to include very special one off bespoke builds for sports cars, exotic applications and full on racing centre lock applications also catered for.  With our quality craftsmanship, knowledge and passion every vehicle application is catered for at VAD. 


 In 2001 as demand was growing, VAD along with legendary Japanese wheel manufacturer, Riverside started building and supplying 3 piece cast alloy wheels to the super car, exotic and luxury vehicles across the European market.  This move was hugely successful and our business rapidly expanded.  The quality products we now have in-house, together with our vast fitment knowledge, makes us the unrivalled specialists in these areas.  With an excellent technical database, every vehicle can now wear the VAD wheel brands.

V.A.D In-house aero fitting specialists


In 2008 due to high demand we ventured into aero styling and bespoke vehicle builds.  Due to this demand, VAD Design vehicle enhancement  programme was consequently created.  First off our production line was our very own bespoke built Audi R8, followed by our Lamborghini Gallardo, which was followed by our legendary VAD tuned wide body Bi Turbo Cayenne GT-650.  We then updated our Porsche Cayenne aero program with a more aggressive wider version and the VAD Nemesis was born.  We have now moved our design and manufacturing capabilities up another level, working with the finest composite partners the market has to offer, we are now focused on our GT3RR aero range with the Porsche 997 & 991, "R" aero styling being built for both models, adding the legendary Ferrari 458 GT3 and BMW Z4 GT3 V8  road cars to our line up, with the mighty Nissan GTR aero kit also being added to our carbon fibre line up. All of our conversions are offered as fully built drive in drive out conversion, or supply only. 


From the moment these cars were launched into the public arena, the bespoke vehicle enhancement side of VAD has flourished to the extent we didn't believe was possible.  One-off builds, custom interiors, engine enhancements are now available on request. call the VAD team for more details on our custom builds and applications.


Indulge into our world of custom bespoke forged magnesium wheels, or our GT3RR carbon fibre aero programme, get in touch with our sales team to find out more about our products and what we can do for your particular vehicle of choice. 

With our range topping forged wheel designs now available in forged magnesium, in 1, 2 or 3 piece, bespoke widths, finishes and applications are available in this super light weight product.  

                                                                                 "Perfection is our goal...Excellence isn't tolerated"

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