Carbon Fibre Composite

We work with the best composite companies in Europe, bringing our ideas to life in carbon fibre, offering Resin infusion and out of autoclave prepreg processes, as well as low volume mould making and manufacturing service, through our composite partner.

Specialising in resin infusion or resin transfer moulding allows us to offer a high quality product without the high costs of Prepreg for things like Carbon fibre composites. This process is perfect for non mechanical composite parts and can be scaled for large and small product manufacturing.​ We specialise in the luxury car aftermarket, but can also cater for motorsport, whether you require glossy seamless carbon or ultra lightweight composite structures, we are the right choice for your composite needs.


We also offer bespoke built carbon or kevlar exterior or interior parts, as well as one off applications, email us with your requirements.

Composite 2 piece wheels barrels available NOW 



Carbon Canards
Carbon Doors
Porsche 991_ Front_ Hood
Nissan GTR Carbon Roof
Front Canards front splitter
Ferrari 458
Front Bumper Carbon Canards
Ferrari 458
Ferrari rear over fender
Ferrari 458 GT3
Nissan GTR Carbon Roof
Ferrari Rear Over Fender
Ferrari 458
Ferrari Rear Bumper
Ferrari 458 GT3
Ferrari Over Fender  Side Sill
Ferrari 458 GT3
BMW-E89 Z4 Rear Quarter Panels
Ferrari 458 Carbon Sill
Ferrari 458
Chassis Mounted Rear Wing Supported
Ferrari 458
Carbon Canards
Ferrari 458 Front Bumper Canards
BMW Z4 Front Bumper
BMW Z4 E89 GT3
Ferrari 458 Front Bumper Vents
Carbon GT3 Side Vent
BMW Z4 Front Bumper
BMW z4 e89 front
Z4 GT3 Front
Audi R8 LMS
LMS Front Bumper
Porsche 991 Front Hood Vents
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