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Scribante Racing Porsche BI Turbo 700R Track Car build up 

Franco Scribante took the driver seat on Wednesday THE 14TH in the afternoon, for the very 1st time in the Scribante Racing Porsche GT3R,

around Kyalami Raceway. Thank you to Toby Venter, for allowing us, to use the track!

It was an extremely emotional and rewarding day for us all, to see that our months of hard work and dedication, has paid-off, in creating a one of

a kind GT3 race car, proudly built in South Africa! Our primary goal from the start, was to engineer an all-round balanced car, not only suited

for shear performance, but also for aerodynamics and handling. Each component was carefully selected and designed, to be fit-for-purpose,

and Wednesdays 1st shakedown session, proved that our engineering formula worked flawlessly!  

All this would not have been possible, without a huge team effort, and the people mentioned below.



A big thank you to: 


Marco da Costa, from Phoenix Performance Pty. Ltd., for all his assistance around the engine,

overall parts selection, and all-round automotive and MoTeC control systems engineering expertise,

by configuring the Power Distribution Module and Dash, along with gearbox and engine tuning, etc.; 

Robert Cantwell, from Cantwell Racing Engines, for all wiring work done on the vehicle;

V.A.D, for the supply of the bespoke forged wheels and all of the carbon fibre GT3R aero body work;

Robert and Ryan, from Just Displays, for all the vinyl work done to the car.


Our Sponsors:  Mark Gold;  Liqui Moly South Africa;  Sunoco Race Fuel South-Africa Pty Ltd

The men responsible for building the car, Scribante Team members:  Cobus Jonker - Team/Crew Manager Eugene Katzke - Main Fabricator/Mechanic Edwin Kupan - Mechanic/Fitter and Turner Dwain Degenaar - Profesional Panelbeater and Spray Painter Vukani Amos Khathi - Crew Assistant Kyle Ramsammy - Crew Apprentice, and up and coming race car driver, after convincing his parents! And most importantly:  The man himself, Team Owner - Franco Scribante, who is the true driving force and foundation of the Scribante Racing Team, and a man who we all look up too, and have the utmost respect for!

There is still some work to complete, and a lot to still be tested, before we will truly understand the full potential of the car. We are however,

aiming to show case the car this coming Saturday, at the Extreme Festival, being held at Zwartkops Raceway.



  Here are a few photos taken by Stefan Kotze Photography.  

Scribante Racing Porsche BI Turbo 700 GT3R , Aero Styling & Performance Tuning 

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