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All our wheels are custom made to order in our own state of the art CNC manufacturing facility located in JAPAN, Every order that enters production
is a custom set of wheels personalized and manufactured for the vehicle and clients specifications.When it comes to quality&performance rest assured HYPERFORGED is utilizing the latest technology and are made entirely in the JAPAN


HYPER FORGED utilizes in house design capabilities to generate concept to engineered products. Utilizing sophisticated design software, concepts are refined and technical aspects such as calliper clearance, offset, hub centric and overall fitment are taken into consideration.
The end result is a visually appealing and fitment specific application. Material / A6061   HEAT TREATMENT / T6

Only the finest forged materials are used in the construction of HYPERFORGED wheels. Utilizing a 8000 ton press to reshape the ingot into the elementary shape required for machining ensures precise restructuring of molecular grain. This alignment of flow pattern provides extremely high strength to weight ratio, not achievable through low pressure or gravity cast techniques.

CNC Machining

Precise milling through specialized programming removes excess material that results in completion of first operations to aerospace grade tolerances. Additional machining precisely removes additional material to form the bolt circles, center bore and hub circle. This process utilizes precise indexing and programming that allows for low cycle times combined with continued repeatability.


Applied in a state-of-the art wet down draft booth, each wheel is individually prepared, painted and inspected for coverage and consistency.
HYPERFORGED offers a variety of finishes including Mirror Polish, anodized and machined face.


Final assembly is performed in house, utilizing aerospace grade fasteners and hand assembled to ensure perfection in each wheel.
Every wheel is built with uncompromising passion for perfection through our combined efforts from engineering, design, manufacturing and marketing divisions.

Made in JAPAN

Lamborghini Aventador fitted with 9x20 front and 13x21 rear Hyper Forged LC5 

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