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BMW Z4 Carbon Fibre Aero

Our BMW Z4 aero kit is proving to be a very popular conversion globally, with the next aero pack heading out to Thailand.

As we knew it would, the fibre glass option has really taken off, but the carbon fibre option is still very much available for the customer that wants the super light weight must have option.

The same parts are available in both materials, with the chassis mounted rear wing in the options list, we are also working on a new boot mounted GT Spec spoiler, that will be showcased on our very own authentic Z4 build.

As with any conversion we have, the choice of wheels, tyres, suspension, exhaust and tuning options is vast, for the Z4 GT it’s no different, we also have 350mm, to 365mm big brake options for this conversion.

Email the team for more details on our BMW Z4 conversion for road application.

**Urgent Notice**

Please note we have no association with CARBOSTUFF ENGINEERING who are based in Neumünster Germany, if you have ordered any BMW Z4 GT3 parts, paid for them and not had delivery, please get in touch with our team, and we will assist you with getting in touch with the German Crime Squad.

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