This one has been a long time coming but we are so happy to finally release our MinFlares for the R60 countryman chassis and boy was it worth the wait.

The R60 has always been on the list of Minis for us to do, I guess it’s the one that no one seems to modify and after seeing the Prodrive WRC Countryman we were hooked, it just had to be done, not as a rally look but just a more meaningful 4 door crossover mini and we think its mission accomplished.


So we decided to go slightly wider than the Gen 2 R series and the Gen 3 F series as the countryman does need a bit more help, so we decided on 40mm front and rear and it really does transform the R60 chassis into something a lot more aggressive to look at, which is helped by the 30mm H&R lowering springs, the 10x18 forged concave multispoke wheels fitted with 265/40R18 tyres front and rear.

Our demo countryman also spent time at our partners SmifysUK having all of the windows tinted, full de-chroming to include front and rear light surrounds, front grill surround, beltline and a chameleon front screen.

The flares are now available from stock and as with our Gen 2 & Gen 3 flares we are happy to ship globally.

can also be purchased through our sister company,

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Our Porsche RSR wide body programme for the 981 chassis has been a huge success globally, it’s always been quite a unique aero packed, as we adapted certain parts from other Porsche models, with the front flares being borrowed from the 991 Cup R programme whilst also using the 991 GT3R rear bumper and diffuser set up whilst making a set of rear quarter panel extensions and a wide set of 991 RSR side sills, with a GT4 front bumper with the complete package transforming the look of the basic 981 chassis into a wide body beauty, but now it’s time for a slight upgrade and we have now decided to launch the RSR Evo, with a serious update for the front end in particular.


So what does the Evolution upgraded package consist of and when you ask is it available.

well its available now and it consists of a full 991 R16 Evolution GT3R upgrade fro the front end as we make the R16 parts for the 991 is was only a matter of time before we brought the 2 looks together, so all of the R16 front parts which includes the front bumper with the grills and canards, front floor and integrated front splitter, front fenders with the top GT3R Vents, as well as the front dual vented Evo boot lid that we have modified to be fitted to all of our road going builds, this front end along with our RSR styled side skirts and wide rear end make for one very special looking road car, our own build will have a road going LSX Performance built KR-LS7 V8 that will sit alongside our Porsche 997 R13 KR-LS7.

For the suspension we only work with the best, which is Nitron, wheels will be built buy our aero partners GT3RR with the stunning F1 wheel design making its way onto this build.

The aero is available now and is only available in raw carbon fibre, get in touch with us for further details

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With our Green F56 hatch Cooper D daily demo sold as well as the all new R55 Clubman we finish and also sold, it didn’t take us long to find a replacement or two, with yet another F56 hatch but this time the much more powerful Cooper SD in black and a rather beautiful Countryman SD in true blue that has gone straight into surgery so we can develop our 35mm flares for the R60 chassis.

As soon as we got hold of the F56 Hatch it took us no time at all to start modifying and the first job was to attack the suspension by lowering it with a set of H&R springs which not only lowers the car 30mm but also keeps the comfort levels quite high, we really do rate H&R and would fit nothing else to this platform, and believe us when we say we have tried most suspension set ups on Gen 2 & Gen 3 platforms and this is by far the best set up for day to day driving, H&R have done an incredible job of lowering and keeping the oem quality drive.


Next mod was to de-chrome with the Smiffy’s black out pack, the front and rear head light surrounds grill, front bumper panel petrol cap, door handles and rear boot lid handle and whilst we were in black out mode we fitted the OEM Mini gloss black belt surround, which combined with the blackout pack transforms the look completely, it’s a serious must to get rid of the horrible chrome which we absolutely loathe, with the De-chroming complete Wayne from Smiffy’s added a touch of purple to the front grill strip, front and rear SD logos and Mini badges, which looks uber cool.

A mini wouldn’t be a mini without a set of our market leading flares and we still get blown away by how they transform the Mini, the Gen 2 is a great look, but the Gen 3 chassis its mind blowing to look at and we must say this black Gen 3 SD is the best one to date, especially sitting on our all new flow formed RS split spoke 6 spoke wheel design in gloss black measuring 9x18 at the front end and 10x18 at the rear wrapped in Yokohama 245/35R18 & 255/35R18 tyres front and rear respectively, which now completes the look of this particular build, which we hope to keep for now, but now its time to get stuck into the R60 chassis.


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