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Our Forged 2 & 3 Piece Magnesium track alloy wheel available in various widths, finish options and for all applications to include centrelock, available in various centre profiles and, hidden or exposed hardware with Titanium also available as a light weight race option, design will fit all brake options, please get in touch with us with your enquiry today. 
Our competition 2 piece wheel is available with a forged magnesium centre, with either forged or carbon fibre barrels, get in touch with us today for more details.  
Carbon Fibre Barrel Sizes & widths, Forged Aluminium or Magnesium Centres Available 
8.5x19 > 10x19 > 11x19 > 12x19 
9x20 > 10x20 > 11x20 > 12x20 
9.5x21 > 10x21 > 12.5x21 
10x22 > 12x22 
Forged 2 Piece also available with Aluminium Barrel and Magnesium Centres, get in touch for more details on sizes and widths available
Various designs are available, we can also machine your design of choice.

***  "The benefits of Magnesium Forged Wheels"  ***

The light weight is merely the starting point, forged Magnesium wheels have superior benefits over Aluminium forged wheels, the lighter weight of the product to include a lower unsprung rotating mass, a lighter wheel is much easier to spin and to stop due to a lower momentum of inertia, Improved acceleration, shorter stopping distance, better handling increased fuel economy, longer life for brakes, tyres and all suspension components, as well as better braking efficiency, which all add to reduced carbon emissions, magnesium wheels also allow for faster heat dissipation, which prevents overheating of the brake and wheel assembly.

Forged magnesium wheels are extremely durable and rigid. The strength of a forged wheel made from magnesium alloy is immensely strong, achieved by forming a unique fibre structure of the alloy manufactured by the precision 3-D hot forging process in a press with a 20,000 ton capacity.

 Due to the specific metal structure obtained in the forging process, forged magnesium wheels are decidedly more corrosion-resistant than forged aluminium wheels.

VAD_GT3RR_ F1M.jpg
Our carbon fibre aero panels are made to road, race or rally applications, from full aero upgrades to bespoke rear wing assemblies we can manufacture
or out source various parts for your individual needs. Have your own idea or concept, please get in touch with us to discuss you individual requirements, we have helped many customers bringing ideas and concepts to reality.
Check out our GT3RR carbon fibre aero program for more details on some of the parts we offer. 
This is just a small selection of the carbon parts we offer
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