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Authentic GT3 aero kit available for the Mercedes AMG GT / GTR chassis: 

Front Bumper, Front Splitter, Front Floor, Front Grill, Front Bumper Canards, Bonnet (Hood) Side Skirts, Rear Quarter Panels,

Rear Bumper, Rear Diffuser. 

Optional extras:

Rear Boot Lid ( 2 x Pieces ) Rear Wing Assembly, Complete Flat Floor, Brake Channels Front & Rear, 19" & 20" Magnesium Forged 2 or 3 piece wheels,

(1 piece also available on request)  Coilover Suspension, Bespoke Custom Exhaust (Full Inconel systems also available on request)

For serious enquiries get in-touch, we can supply, or supply and fit on request. 

Photography by: //  Stefan Bischoff

                                                         AUTHENTIC CARBON FIBRE AERO PACKAGE FOR THE MERCEDES AMG-GT / GTR  

                                                                          MERCEDES AMG GTR GT3  CARBON FIBRE AERO STYLING 

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