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If you’re trying to build the most epic Mini Countryman R60, it’s not possible to do that without considering building a wide body Mini Countryman like we create at VAD Design.    


The Mini Countryman R60 wide body kits we offer are the highest rated in the industry, along with being the most appealing to transform your crossover. All of the most epic R60 Mini Countryman’s that exist across social media run the VAD Design R60 Mini Countryman wide body kit. 


Something that you should consider when searching for a wide body kit is that not all wide body kits are created equal. Which means that some wide body kits don’t go through the same level of R&D that our Countryman body kits do, nor are materials used to develop these Mini Countryman body kits the same across the industry.   


Aside from having one of the most one of a kind R60 Mini Countryman’s in your town, VAD Design wide body kits are designed with performance and aerodynamics in mind. Our wide body kits give you the ability to significantly increase your “contact patch” where the tire meets the road. That means that you’ll have a lot more confidence coming into a turn or if you like straight line performance, a wider tire will give you a lot more grip for getting your torque and horsepower down to the road.    


Factory R60 Mini Countryman’s come with tires that are not very wide (including the JCW) and even if you run a proper wheel setup that gives you the ability to run a wider tire, it’s nothing in comparison to one of the wheel and tire setups that our wide body kits allow you to run. Our typical Mini Countryman R60 wide body kit setup runs a massive 255/35R18 front tire and a groundbreaking 265/35R18 rear tire!   


We offer end-to-end “turnkey” Mini Countryman R60 body kits which means a full conversion will include wider fender flares, our custom made lightweight 18x9.5 wide front wheels, our custom made lightweight 18x10.5 wide rear wheels, and a performance tire that will give you the most amount of grip. For those of you building a Mini Countryman for the racetrack, we also offer our custom-made lightweight wheels in 18x9 to reduce wheel weight even further.   


E-mail or call us today to discuss your build ideas!   

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Our Mini flares are manufactured in the UK and are made from the highest quality GRP. The fender flares will come in matt black, and gel coated. The fender flares will need to be painted to your style.   

Our wide body fender flares should not be confused with other sub-standard brands on the market. Professional installation is suggested.


Mini R60 Countryman Body Kit




VAD Paceman Wide Fenders.jpg


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