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The benefits of Forged Magnesium wheels

Forged magnesium wheels are extremely durable and rigid. The strength of a forged wheel made from magnesium alloy fare exceeds the strength of a cast equivalent. This is achieved by forming a unique fibre structure of the alloy manufactured by the precision 3-D hot forging process in a press with a 20,000-ton capacity. A forged wheel does not crack; it is designed to bend without cracking. Forged magnesium wheels are stronger and more durable. Forged magnesium wheels are very lightweight, as much as 1.5 times lighter than aluminium wheels, forged magnesium wheels are twice as light compared to cast wheels of the same dimensions.

Wheel weight is a key component in “un-sprung” weight mass of an auto-mobile (tyres, wheels, brake disks, etc.), which directly affects vehicle performance parameters and the lifetime of suspension components.  A lighter wheel is much easier to spin and to stop due to a lower momentum of inertia.  Forged magnesium wheels yield shorter braking distance and faster acceleration, improve manoeuvrability and overall performance and safety, also reduced fuel consumption (by up to 5-7%). The dampening ability (the absorption of shocks and vibrations caused by road imperfections) of magnesium alloys is 100 times higher than those made from aluminium. This promotes increased durability of suspension brackets, smooth and easy motion of the car, and a longer lifetime of the suspension and brakes.


The high heat conductivity property of magnesium also means cooler brake disks, with a longer life for brake pads. Due to the specific metal structure obtained in the forging process, forged magnesium wheels are decidedly more corrosion-resistant than cast magnesium wheels.

M A G N E S I U M  C U S T O M  F O R G E D   W H E E L S 

When money is no object, and you want the pinnacle product, choose Magnesium forged.   

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