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If you are looking at purchasing one of our aero kits, why not take advantage of our full in-House fitting and painting service, we take car of every parts of the build process, from the initial fabrication to fitting the kit, prep work and we send to our local partner to paint

Whilst building to can spec to suit, from painting original OEM colour or a full change of colour for a completely new look,

or you can take advantage of our in-house wrapping service, PPF or a full on race livery, we have every option

available from the moment you are choosing your spec.

We offer unrivalled precision with high quality standards, call us today to book an appointment and come and see our very own GT3 Street

Builds up close and personal and check our quality and craftsmanship first hand.

We fabricate various parts in-house from suspension components like the adjustable arms fitted on our Porsche 997 GT3R V8 to our exhaust systems that can be valved, manufactured in Stainless, Titanium or if your budget allows Inconel  

Our Forged wheels can be specified to be manufactured is super light weight forged magnesium or forged aluminium,

in 1, 2 & 3 piece configurations, with various colour & finish options available manufactured in all sizes and widths. 

“Art… some people collect it; we prefer to build it”

   VAD  D E S I G N  BU I L D S

VAD  Bentley GT Wide Body Fitted.jpg

Premier  4509 Bentley Continental GT Wide Body Build 16 OF 100


Carbon Fibre Wide Body

Nissan GTR 

Porsche GT3R Rear.jpg

Body & Paint 

VAD BMW Z4 GT3 V8 Street.jpg

BMW (E89) Z4 GT3 V8  


Ferrari 458 GT Curseive

Wide Body 

VAD FM1R.jpg

VAD Forged Wheels 1, 2 & 3 Piece Magnesium, Aluminium


MEC Design Mercedes AMG SL55

Axiom One 


Porsche 997 RSR 650 Turbo 

Inner Barrel Carbon Fibre pre preg_1.jpg

VAD Carbon Over Lay for

3 Piece Outer Rims

Click the above pictures to view our builds and products, builds are past, future and present 

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