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Porsche 997 GT3R Twin Turbo

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

To say the speedwells Porsche 997 Turbo-R is evolving is an understatement, it’s come a very long way from its first incarnation, finished in Black with fitted with a set of 14x19 VAD CR Evolution 6 spokes, it was such a sinister looking beast and we never thought for one minute that look could be improved, but we were oh so very wrong, in its latest overhaul this is one 997 that just gets sexier every time we see it.


The Speedwells Porsche 997 GT3R Turbo

So what’s changed since the last shoot we did with this beauty, well quite a lot under the skin with a huge boost in power, with now over 700 + BHP to play with. On the outside apart from the colour change which we covered in an older blog post the engine cove and rear wing assembly has also been changed to a GT3 style which suits the built so much better with a larger rear wing also in preparation so it can be changed according to Iby's mood.


The Speedwells Porsche 997 GT3R Turbo

The rear bumper has also had a slight update with a mesh grill delete so you get to see the stainless x pipe exhaust set up, which looks so much cleaner.

So what’s next for this this impeccable build, only time will tell, but you can rest assured we will bring you any changes that happen over the up and coming hibernation period that’s due over the winter months.



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