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V8 Engine Installations

We have been wanting to put this post together for a while, we have written then re-written so many times, it’s been frustrating one for us as a company as we speak from experience when it comes to handing over lots of cash on a dream car build, only to find out what you have paid for is complete and utter garbage and you have to start again spending more to rectify the bad workmanship and crud work, so let’s get into it.

There are V8 conversions carried out every day in the UK by quite a few so call “Specialist” a couple are the “self-confessed” best in the business, when in reality there are only a handful of companies that you could trust in the UK , but only one that we would hand over our hard earned cash to, our choice being LSX performance in Market Drayton, we personally wouldn’t go anywhere else, simply put you get what you pay for and these guys know their craft, everything is done in-house from the engine builds, V8 installs, electrics and full exhaust systems, the skill set is next level and these are the skills that you have to pay especially when you consider the prices these builds cost and what is being charged for appalling work elsewhere, if its cheap there are usually reasons why.


Porsche 997 LSX Performance LS7 V8 GT3R
Porsche 997 GT3R 680HP LS7 V8 AWD

On our visits to our conversion partners LSX Performance over the last few months we have seen first-hand all of the work they are having to correct from other business from around the UK, companies that are charging big money for this work, we have seen terrible wiring, exhaust botch up badly designed gearbox and engine mounts, they have one very well-known LS Powered Mazda RX7 in that has had an engine bay fire and just looking at the wiring we can see why.


Electrics, wiring and ECU all terribly converted by a well known V8 installer, that resulted in a fire

"This is terrible work" Mild steel mixed with stainless, different manufacturers back boxes for the exhaust, different headers, terrible welding, all this from a well known UK V8 engine installer and professional builder ... allegedly


Kyle and Ashley from LSX Performance are just finishing up their 680hp V8 LS7 Powered Porsche 997 C4S GT3R kitted beauty and its an absolute work of art and this is what we mean by levels, all built in-house, from GT3R kit installation to V8 engine installation, bespoke exhaust, custom adjustable arms, all wiring and ECU installed, it’s such a tidy install to OEM quality standards and this is what sets them apart from anyone else we have worked with and we are happy to call these guys our conversion partners.  

LSX Performance
High Quality ECU & Wiring Installation by LSX Performance

It’s worth doing your due diligence before you hand your hard earned cash, installing a V8 is not cheap and if its screams cheap it means someone’s cutting corners, look at previous work and talk to the people in the know, quality is everything but safety is paramount.  



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