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Carbon Fibre Outer and Inner Barrels

We have been selling our carbon outer rims for a few years now as an overlay as well as a light weight carbon fibre barrel in a 2-piece configuration with our forged magnesium centres, but what we want to discuss now is our carbon fibre overlay, because things have had a slight change and those changes are for the better. It has been an option on our wheels for a carbon fibre overlay for some time and it’s been a very popular option, but the carbon has always been a little hit and miss, be it where the carbon meets on the join or the fact the twill gets distorted in the manufacturing process, we have never been 100 % happy with the product we have had from the various manufacturers we have worked with, we are perfectionist and we expect the perfect product, it’s an expensive process, so the last thing you expect is the product we have been getting over the past few years, but we have now moved production to the UK and we must say it’s been a great call, the quality of the product is night a day to what we have been used to and exactly what we have been striving for, we now have the pinnacle carbon overlay finish for our 3 piece forged outer wheel rims.


We have been talking to our new composite team in the UK for a while now about making our carbon outer rims and how we can get the perfect finish, especially with the way the carbon is laid onto the barrel and we must say the way the carbon is applied and the overall finish is absolute perfection.

So what makes these carbon lips so different with any other manufacturer we have used, well after a few meetings and discussions they recommend that we use the pre-preg carbon material, which is a more expensive material, but you get what you pay for and what he have now is where the end result should be, the join is seamless and the twill is perfect with zero distortion and it’s a superlight weight product that can be clear coated in a matt or high gloss finish.

This is a process that has always been available for our forged wheel range as an option when purchasing a new wheel and as well as being available for our own wheel range it’s also been available from a select few wheel manufacturers we have dealt with, but after hundreds of requests over the last few years to carbon overlay customers own wheels, it’s never been possible until now, as we have decided this is will be available to anyone with a 3-piece wheel, all you need to do is send us your outer rims and we will turn your polished, painted lips in to carbon fibre beauties, that will be available in any width or size of wheel, so get in touch with us if you want the black gold applying to your outer rims in either step or reverse configuration, with a fast turnaround at affordable pricing for the real carbon fibre deal.


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