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Porsche 997GT3R LS7 V8

It’s been a while since we have dropped a blog post and with a build like this one we have going on it needs to be shared globally as we have been asked over and over where is the build at and you will be please to know this build is almost complete.

This amazing 997GT3R build has been held up because we didn’t want to run a conventional GT3R race wing, that’s been done to death and its nothing new, we also wanted to have a 993 style GT2 engine cover with the side air intakes that used to feed air into the air cooled engine bay and its something we wanted to bring to the 997 LS7 V8 builds, but again the GT2 rear wing on a 996 or a 997 isn’t new and we wanted a different look than the usual GT2.

We managed to source a Gemballa style cover, but on delivery and inspection the quality was terrible and a part pretty much fit for the trash, so we decided to revamp and redesign with a cover that could be functional, so the side air intakes will have form and function.

Porsche 997GT3R
Porsche 911

With any 996 / 997 V8 conversion the air filter will want to sit where the power steering pump is situation so you have to convert to electronic steering and relocate to the front boot, but we dislike that the filter system is getting no cold air as its sitting in the engine bay sucking hot air, with our new set up the panel filters will sit in the engine cover which is an exclusive set up for this conversion.

With the build coming to the end we will be out and about at many shows this year as we can, so follow our network to see where you can see the car up close and personal.




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