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Porsche 997 GT3R Bi Turbo

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

It's always good to have a home grown build especially when it's one that wears an aero kit of your own, to actively promote and have around you at your disposal Is so good to have, especially when the build in question is owned by one of your close friends Iby the owner of Speedwell Wheel Refinishers, personally I'm extremely pleased he took the bull by the horns and took on this epic build, as I know how anal he is when it comes to perfection and that's exactly what this 997 Turbo is... utter perfection.

Porsche 997 Turbo-R

As most of you know that follow the blog or our social media news, this 997 Turbo started life as the Dragon performance demo car, you can read all about that in an older blog as the car has come an awful long way since that stage in its life, the less said about that look the better, and the first 12 months of its life with Iby the 997 remained in its basalt black colour-way but I always knew it wouldn't stay that colour as a black 997 was never really on the shopping list to start with, but right car, right place and above all the right money the deal as we know was done, with a colour change at some point in the near future.

Now we loved the car in its black form, but it did hide a lot of the beautiful touches the R aero kit has and with the new colour you get to see those touches in all their stunning glory, as they just stand out, like the front fender vents, the rear bumper vents, and just how wide the car really is, it’s so wide, at roughly 7 feet and it just oozes road presence, I personally was pretty sceptical when Red was discussed with regards the potential colour change and I have to say he nailed it, because it really is stunning.

As with any build you get to collaborate and get involved with various companies, and although Iby did most of the work himself there are a few companies that need a mention with regards the input and help that has been fantastic, especially Taj and Perfection Midlands Limited who just so happens to reside next door to the Speedwells empire, he applied the first round of paint, giving the build its first lease of life

Shoot location, the custard factory Digbeth Birmingham

The boys at MSL Customs who have totally transformed the look of this R conversion, I must say the wrap is the best we have seen to date and I have personally been around a lot of wrapped cars, this one they smashed it out the parts as this is not an easy one to pull off, the beauty of this is it looks like paint, the finish is that good.

We would also like to thank Bilstein uk for not only supplying a first class set up for this Turbo, but also for the bespoke specification we so desperately needed for this conversion, which we now offer exclusively for the 997R conversion, along with the up and coming 991R.

Markski Tuning has also been an absolute legend with the tuning side on this Turbo, with his Intercoolers sitting either side of the R bumper and his ECU mapping skills makes for one seriously fast road car, with the best part of 700 HP now on tap, it certainly has the go to match all that show.

With the Build now complete and Iby content for the foreseeable it was time to take the car out for a little shoot, so we paid our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman a visit down in Digbeth Birmingham which is a great location for such an epic car.

It’s now time to enjoy the build and get to as many shows as we can this year and it will soon be joined by another GT3 road car with our very own BMW Z4 V8 coming to the end of its build and if you fancy building your very own 997R then get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Speedwells Porsche 997 GT3-R Turbo

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