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Porsche 997.1 997.2 GT Engine Cover & Wing

This spoiler looks so good fitted we feel it needs its own post, its a new addition that we have wanted to do for so. We have been putting together or supplying our 997 GT3 R parts for quite a while now as well as building our own cars for customers and 2023 is a big year for us with the 997 platform, as we have not one but two R13 LS7 V8 builds in development, both based on the rather amazing C4S, this is the chassis in particular that will becaome the base car we will use for all of our R13 wide body builds with LSX Performance builds.


Every 997 that wears our kit wears a R13 race wing, and that’s a superb look, we absolutely love that look and its one that is in the programme as long as customers want it, but when we work with Speedwells on the Turbo-R, he didn’t want that race wing set up, he wanted a GT wing and we have to say it looked amazing, in fact that particular build went through a couple of GT engine covers and although they were both beautiful they still wasn’t what we were looking for, we wanted that old 997 Gemballa Avalanche style cover with the side intakes and high wing.

Our engine cover side air intakes will become functional on some builds as they do like to take in huge amounts of air so it would be silly not to utilise them, our engine cover vent system will use the C4S style grill and the wing will be Height adjustable to a point, and the beauty of this wing is you can use on a narrow or wide body so will be available for the 991.1 & 991.2 chassis.

Cover is now ready for production so get in touch for more details



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