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Speedwells Wide Body Supra Builds

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Our Speedwells Wide Body Supra aero kit has reached all new heights over the last 6 months, with 5 builds happening at the moment in various parts of the world.

There are a couple that we can’t wait to see finished, one because it sees another Speedwells come to life and two we love to see the ideas that the owner bring to the build table, for example, Jason who is building one in Florida is taking this build to a whole new level, his plans are mind blowing, you only have to see his previous build in the form of a Veilside Fortune Mazda RX7, its one of the best examples I have seen to date, so we are pretty excited by this particular build, then we have Sean Reids build that is about to launch and its one of the best colours we have seen on a speedwell build, Porsche Slate grey which is very similar to Audi Nardo grey, it looks stunning and its one we cannot wait to take on a photoshoot, Sean’s along with the white build that is happening with Nizam from Newcastle are two builds that we are really excited to see.

Sean Reid's immaculate slate grey Speedwells Wide Body Supra

Another one of the builds that has really caught our attention is one that’s happening in Denmark by Thomas Larsen, who took delivery of the kit back in October 2018, and he has been slowly building his Supra under the radar, but he has been slowly releasing pictures of his build in process and we are extremly impressed with the attention to detail, thomas always said he was going to put his own spin on the build, which is what we like to see, Thomas wants oem levels of quality which is a tall order for a GRP aero kit, but we do like his optimisum.

The kit was never supposed to be a mass produced, Iby built this kit originally just for himself, as he was simply building what he couldn’t buy, but that is also a hindrance because what do you do if you damage a part and you can’t physically replace it, so in his spare time over a period of months Iby produce his own moulds, so if the unfortunate ever happened he could make a new part., so with the news hitting the Supra airwaves that he had moulds, it didn’t take long for Supra customers enquiring if they could have their very own Speedwells wide body, those requests only intensified when iby built his second Supra … the black beauty.

Speedwells Supra wide body, Thomas Larsen


We love them all, they all have their own unique qualities, Jan from Next Level Automotive knocked his build right out the park, we are so impressed, not just with the build but the fit and finish, the thought of upping that level of quality is insane, but we mean that in the nicest way, this build is a credit to Thomas and its one we will be extremely proud of, as we are for every build that hits the street

When I personally think how far this conversion has come, I get goose bumps, because I know the levels of time, money and effort that iby has put in to this marquee, he is known so well around the Supra Scene, the builder of one of the finest Supra’s the world has seen, I never thought his Red Supra would be topped, but we have some pretty amazing customers working on these builds that are striving to have the very best Speedwells that you can put together … and we have some serious contenders of the very best Speedwell Supra’s to hit the scene.

Speedwells Wide Body Toyota Supra, Denmark Build

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