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Speedwells Supra Ducktail Spoiler

This has been a long time coming but as they say perfection does take time and the finished product is pretty spectaular, it so different to any other spoiler available on the market and really suits the Supra oem lines as well as the Speedwells wide body, Iby certainly got the design process on point, its very well thought out and looks oem which is why we like this so much, less is more with this spoiler.

The design process on this spoiler goes back a few years in fact the concept first made its way onto Iby’s own Black Toyota Supra wide body back at the end of 2016, but at the time it needed a little bit of titivation to create the final production version and it was only recently during lockdown that the mould and the mock-up part was given the time needed to complete and get it ready for production and we are happy to confirm the part is finally here and ready to order.


Apart from the incredible looks, this exclusive ducktail boot spoiler uses the original Toyota Supra oem fixing points, so no need for any extra drilling, the part just needs to be painted to suit and fitted as you would the original supra rear wing.


Get in touch with us for more details on this new ducktail spoiler and the Speedwells wide body aero kit.


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