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SEMA 2022

So SEMA 2022 comes to a close and although we weren’t there in person this year we were as a brand, so let’s look at how we were represented this year.

If you’re into the Scene most people know that we work with our good friend Iby distributing his Speedwells Mk4 Supra wide body aero kit all over the world and this year we were approached by the Throtl boys and what a build that has been, Its seems that Rickie Fernandez was the crew member that brought the kit to the attention of the others for the SEMA build and we are so happy he did as the end result is mind blowing.


If you haven’t seen the Videos of this build we suggest you grab your favourite beverage sit down and enjoy the 4 week process of this Toyota Supra being turned into a modern day 1200BHP road and drag strip beauty with a throwback to the Fast & Furious world famous Supra and they did themselves proud, nothing was left out of this build and the levels of sponsorship was insane, you name it and the brands were lining up to supply the best goods the market has to offer, the added bonus is watching Micky, Ricky, Quinn & Will have the banter putting this car together, absolute professionals and such a joy to watch, guys you did us proud and we are so happy we got to watch how you went about this build, you built an absolute stunner.

Here is a quick link to the Supra build straight from their YouTube Channel


Another build to represent us was our good friend Faruk Kugay and his DevSpeed Porsche 997 GT3 R13 EJ Subaru powered GT3R, but this engine has had a fully tuning overhaul with its full custom exhaust system, BorgWarner turbocharger, Vibrant Performance intercooler, and a comprehensive fuel system upgrade courtesy of Deatschwerks and Nuke Performance, this gives a heathy 550 hp. Which is some 170 pounds less than the original Mezger 997 engine, all this in a RWD GT3 chassis mated to a Subaru gearbox, makes for a very lively package.


We love how this has all come together, the livery is sublime and the wheel choice of the Rotiform 917 Which is a modern take and such an iconic Porsche wheel design makes it a bit more special, we just love the nostalgic when old meets new vibe.


he last to fly the VAD flag at SEMA and the one that tugged on our heart strings mainly because it’s so deserved is our good Friend Chris Phan and his amazing GTR that has gone from paper vison to a full reality GTR GT3 Street car, Chris even drove his car from California to Vegas rather than the usual option of trailering, we love this guy and we just adore the build so much.

We have posted about Chris’s beautiful build a few times but for SEMA 2022 his GT3 had the most Beautiful wrap make over which JUST blew us away, gone was the Blue Motul Livery that always had our mouth-watering, replaced by the traditional red, black and white Motul Nismo race livery and it looks bloody sensational, gone are the gold L97 Forged centre locks and in their place a set of Yokohama Advan Racing TC4’S which have transformed the look of this car.

All 3 of these builds have been amazing to follow as well as supply our parts to and watch the builds come to life, even tho Chris built his 12 months ago it was like a fresh new build when he launched his newly wrapped GTR to the world, we are super proud to be associated with all of these epic show stoppers … roll on SEMA 2023


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