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The Blue Supra

Its been a while since this patricular build was completed, this is one very special Speedwells wide body Supra and every time we see a new picture of this beauty it sends us weak at the knees.

Its the little details on this build that really does set it apart, it took some time to contruct with all of those required details but they were well worth the time and effort, the rear diffuser looks spectaular in glossed carbon fibre which then tie in with the rear spoiler, front splitter and the VAD GT-RS carbon outer rims.


We have to thank Ground Nation for the incredible pictures from the show over in Holland that the Blue Supra attended. We have some incredible Speedwell Wide body Supra builds that we are seeing pop up all over the world, and its great to see some originality with how each person is putting their build together, they are all the same kit, but all look so different, which is great to see as each one is such a high quality build.


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