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Porsche parts expansion

Our Porsche 997 parts list just seems to grow by the day, especially the GT3R parts list, with parts now being added for the track day race car purist.

All of the main body parts are available for road application, as well as supplying more and more people globally for time attack Porsche builds, with the Australian market getting extremely popular for our 997 GT3R parts. So what is new or should we say what is available that many road builders over look, the parts that really are not needed for road going builds.

Firstly, we now have the bumper grill front and rear with a nicer mesh design, the older version is expensive to manufacture, but in our opinion looks a little cheap with the old school mesh design, with the new more modern looking mesh it just looks that much nicer, albeit the track guys still seem to prefer the older design, but it’s nice to have the option of both styles.

Porsche 997 GT3R

We have never really showcased the fact that we do extremely lightweight carbon fibre cup doors, which are ridiculously light, around 5 KG per door to be precise, we also do the complete set of Polycarbonate windows, front and rear with all of the side glass replacements.

Other parts that we have added to the list is the carbon fibre roof and the flat bottom under floor which runs the complete length of the floor, the front floor interlocks with the splitter, so with this kit even if you didn't want to run the complete floor you have to fit the front section, to fit the front splitter. The middle second links into the gear floor, which then links into the rear floor (the diffuser ), if you fit the gear floor you can then fit and run the rear brake cooling channels, which is crucial for track use, as are the front brake channels which run from the front bumper to the front brake which we also have in our parts list.

Porsche 997, 981, 991 Cup Light Weight Carbon Fibre Door, Porsche 997 GT3R Diffuser with brake cooling channels

Sleepers Speed Shop Porsche 997 GT3R Build

The parts we have that are rarely used are the Kevlar arch liners, possibly down to the fact that there are 2 parts to each arch and they are an expensive part of the basic conversion, most people want to fabricate their own liners, but these kevlar really do finish off the build to absolute perfection.

The rear engine cover we now offer different variations along with the wing size, for the GT3R conversion we still have the large 1970 mm carbon blade with larger aluminium supports, fitted with the ducktail engine cover with the two large intakes that the R is renowned for, as well as a smaller wing set up, we are also working on a 993 GT2 Evo rear engine cover for the 997 which should be available all being well the first part of 2019.

No conversion is complete without the suspension set up and we have custom Bilstein PSS10 as well as JRZ both being manufactured to our own specification for the R conversion, along with our full arsenal of adjustable suspension arms front and rear.

Other additions that we will be discussing in the coming weeks are our Inconel exhaust system for the R conversion and out super lightweight Magnesium wheels as well as our all new deep concave Monoblock forged wheels that we can now manufacture specifically for this conversion.

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