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Clinched wide body aero programme for the Dodge Challenger

It seems the clinched crew have done it again, hitting the market with yet another great conversion, this time the Dodge Challenger gets the goods.

We know there are a couple of over fender kits already on the market, but the clinch boys seem to pull off the better look with their traditional bolted on over fenders, it’s a tried and tested formula for them and they just look so good.

Clinched Dodge Challenger

As a Clinched dealer the order books are now open for business on this aero kit, with pre orders being taken up until July 15th and orders will ship out the end of August.

As per usual the kit is available in ABS plastic and mounts using all the factory location points. The fares add 2.7” inches (7cm) each side at the front and 4.7” inches (12cm) each side at the rear< the complete aero kit includes the following parts:

front fender flares, front bumper add-on elements, rear fender flares, side skirts, rear bumper add-on elements, ducktail trunk spoiler (optional), front bumper lip, this aero pack will fit all Dodge Challengers from 2008+

We also offer a huge selection of 2 & 3 piece forged wheels for this conversion in various sizes, finishes and profiles, as well as a fitting and painting service, get in-touch with us for more details on this conversion.

Clinched flares for the Dodge Challenger

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