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APAC + VAD = GTR Perfection

With APAC taking delivery of our GTR aero kit, they have wasted zero time in getting the OEM GTR parts stripped, and the car ready for surgery, we are amazed at the pace this conversion is moving at, especially as Derrick has gone about the conversion in exactly the same way we have done all of our GTR builds, by removal of the OEM rear quarter panel and bonding on the new girth in its place, Derrick already has the rear quarters cut and the new wider panel boned in place, along with the front fenders and bumper all fitted up, we have been pleasantly surprised this week with the activity on this build.

APAC (Auto Performance Aesthetics Centre) VAD GT1 Wide body under construction

One of the many great things about working with Derrick and his team at APAC, is the fact they are a very high quality custom body shop that have already built some pretty epic GTR's, so they are already sitting on various GTR stock, but there are not many companies around the globe sitting on a custom set of 3 piece forged 13x20 wheels with radical negative offsets, but they have a set of RSV-RS1 3 piece forged ready to to be fitted to this conversion, that for us speaks volumes about how this company operate, we can see this is going to be one very special relationship, wait till you see the finish Derrick has planned, a special GTR needs a special colour, and that is exactly what this GTR is going to get... stay tuned peeps.

VAD Wide Body Aero, Built by APAC

If you need any VAD aero product fitted and painted, APAC are our authorised outlet so get in touch with them today.

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