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Get Clinched, with VAD

We don’t think the Clinched flares company needs much of an introduction, especially if your into modifying your pride and joy, we would think you would of come across a car of some description with a set of their flares bolted on, and there are a few that have really caught the eye.

We have followed their work for a while, admiring some of the builds their flares have ended up, for such a simple modification they make cars look good, and with a wider wheel and tyre set up gives a stock cars a more muscular look and stance, and that’s a good thing in our eyes as we just love to modify, we just don’t do standard.

The last couple of years they have added wide body conversions into the mix, with the Mitsubishi Evolution, BMW E82, E92, Lexus IS250, to name a few with the most recent and for us the best addition for the all new Ford Mustang, which is an absolutely stunner and definitely the best looking wide body kit on the market for the new model Mustang.

The Mustang kit is a real wide look and really does convert to the radical, with its front and rear over fender that bolt onto the original set up with, with bumper corners, side sills, front splitter and ducktail finishing off the aggressive look, with 11.5” front wheels and a gigantic 13.5” rear wheels fitted with 315 & 345 tyres front and rear respectively.

Clinched Flares Wide Body Mustang

All of their products are manufactured from ABS plastic, so the quality is spot on, for the Mustang conversion for those that want it you can request carbon fibre.

Carbon Fibre wide Body Mustang

With the Universal flares they have 6 different designs all with various widths, from 3 cm right the way up to 15 cm, so they have a flare for every vehicle, in every size, with also the choice to mix and match.

As well as selling and promoting the Clinched brand across our own network, it’s a reciprocal business deal that means the Clinched crew will be selling and promoting the VAD wide body aero programmes across the Russian market, so we are very much looking forward working with them and watching our combined network blossom.

For any clinched over fender or wide body enquiry, get in-touch with our team today.

Clinched Universal flare

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