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Porsche 997-R, The ultimate 997 aero styling upgrade.

The Porsche 997 is our favorite of all the Porsche chassis, we have a great fondness for the earlier 964 & 993 models, but we have a super soft spot for the 997 especially in the 997.2 guise. Available in various engine and body configurations, we love them all, the Turbo, GT2 or the GT3 are no doubt the cream of the crop but our personal choice would be the C4S with the 3.8 engine, it a beauty, naturally aspirated, and with 355 BHP is no slouch with plenty of go to match those good looks, with so many possibilities to enhance the output, with a Super charger being our favorite choice for engine upgrade, the bolt on VF charger looks OEM and you get to add just over 100 BHP, how does 510 BHP with 380 ft-lbs of torque, and that epic charger noise.

We have always said its difficult to improve on perfection, and as the 997 has those devilish good looks, is it even possible, well yes it can be with the stunning R wide body programme, and its bloody stunning from any angle, any viewing point it just sets the juices flowing, its breathtaking to look at, especially that rear end.

The aero kit is quite an extensive package and if your looking to build the ultimate track beast like our friends Scribante racing built, then you you need pretty much every part available, but if not then you only need the very basic aero kit for road application, email the team for details on this stunning conversion for the 997 chassis, as well as wheels, tyres, suspension, with fitting and painting also available on request.

BC Forged NA, Porsche 997 GT3R

Follow the up an coming Bi-Turbo build that will be happening in the coming weeks, its the first UK built wide body R, we are very much looking forward to being apart of this build with our alloy wheel refinishing partners Speedwells.

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