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Wide Body M6 V10

Back in February we blogged about a very special build project that was taking place in Sweden, Joakim Edin had just started constructing his very own wide body fenders for his BMW M6 V10, as he had just taken delivery of his VAD forged VF1 Wheels.

Well we are pleased to report that things a progressing extremely well, to the point where he has fitted his tyres and managed to stretch a 355/25R21 Pirelli onto that huge 15x21 rear wheel and is now honing the fitment, and we must say, the way the new extended fenders sit on the VAD VF1 12x21 and 15x21 3 piece forged wheels is absolute fitment perfection and a credit to his craft, the VF1 has never looked so good, it’s a simplistic 5 spokes that just looks so good on every vehicle its been fitted too.

BMW M6 V10 Wide Body

Wide Body BMW M6 V10 fitted with 15x2 VAD VF1 > 355/25R21 Pirelli Tyres

There is a lot more work to be done, but this is the beauty of customers that share their builds, we can showcase the progress as its happens, we will tune back in to Joakim build as its takes shape.

If you have any VAD wheels and wish to share your build pictures, send us some details and we will be more than happy to share with the rest of the motoring communities around the world.

BMW M6 V10 Wide Body

Wide Body BMW M6 V10 fitted with 12x21 VAD VF1 > 295/30R21 Pirelli Tyres

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