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Porsche GT2R / RSR / GT3R

Over the last couple of years our love for the porsche brand has made us search for more mouth watering products, and looking at our selection its starting to bloom, we are constantly updating our product lines, and new to the range is our selection of aero parts for the Porsche 993 namely the GT2 Evo, and GT2R parts, which can supply in carbon fibre or glass fibre, so most budgets can be catered for.

and it really doesn't get any better, as this build from this Rennlist member, just makes us want to build one.

Porsche 993 GT2 EVO

Porsche 993 GT2 EVO parts

Next up on the list for the Porsche 911, is for the 996 model, this aero upgrade is basically the RSR conversion for the GT2 or Turbo model, as they are the models that have the side air vents that feed cool air in to the intercoolers that sit either side of the rear bumper, this aero upgrade is classed as the GT2R and it makes the 996 look super sexy, especially with the 997 front headlight upgrade, which lets face it, the 996 front lights are like marmite, its a like or loathe affair, personally we like them, but we are an avid porsche fan, so we love them all, this particular conversion needs 11 or 12" front wheels, with a 13 or 13.5" rear wheel in size 18" or 19" with 3 piece construction the better option for this particular conversion, unless you do what this Rennlist member has done, and fit the Monoblock front wheel, with a 3 piece rear wheel in the same design, that set up can work really well, but a lot depends on the design and finish.

Porsche 996 GT2R

Last on the list, but one that has been covered on our blog posts, and we have listed online for a while is our overall favourite, the stunning GT3R conversion for the 997, this really is the ultimate 997 conversion, it just ticks all of the boxes, and its just a beauty, and its one we have on our own radar to build, when the BMW Z4 is finish ... unfortunately we have to prioritise.

As with all of our conversions, we can supply or supply and fit, with a huge selection of wheels, tyres, suspension, exhausts, to suit all applications and budgets, our forged wheel line up consists of 1 piece Monoblock, 2 piece Duoblock & 3 piece conventional or concave profiles.

Email the team for more details on our vast selection of porsche parts, and lets us build your dream road going Porsche.

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