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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Our Mini flares have been such a massive success over the last few years, the growth and sales of the “R series flare (Gen 2) has been utterly mind blowing, so much so that it we decided to get Jiggy with the Gen 3 Mini and our all new “F” series Flare is gathering a lot of interest with lauch date looking at the end of March 2021 being the date we start shipping out the Gen 3 product, We didn't think for one minute these fibreglass replacement flares for the Mini brand would be as successful as they have been globally so decided the product needed its own stand-alone website and run as a separate entity within the VAD corporation


R56 Cooper Fitted With Coilover Suspension, 9x17 wheels & 245/40R17 Tyres


This month as well as launching the Gen 3 flares it will also see the Gen 3 F56 hatch demo vehicle being launched and its already starting to look pretty special in its metallic British Racing Green that has been completely de-chromed by the in-house crew 1st Choice Tints , coilover suspenions, whilst sitting on a set of 0.66 3SDM 18” Motorsport wheels finished in matt black, the design really does suit the build.

The flares for the UK market are being offered as supply and fitted product only just to protect the product as they have already had some replica issues, so offereing a fitting service should stop, Dent Craft Birmingham as Well as Mini Flares are the only places in the UK that you buy and have the product fitted, they both offer a wheel, tyre, suspension supply and fit option to, so well worth the discussion.


F56 Mini Cooper Flares


With any wide body or flare you are going to need a wider wheel and tyre set up, which is what you need for this Mini conversion, what makes this conversion more difficult in both the 4 stud R series chassis and the newer 5 stud F series chassis is the offset that is required if you don’t want a 3piece wheel or use any wheel spacers.

It’s been a bit of a journey trying to find a 1 Piece cast cost effective solution as 1 piece none forged 4 or 5 stud low offset wheels do not exist, we found a few designs in Japan Racing line up, but the fact we have to buy from other retailers as well as terrible stock levels on designs we chose and we had fitted yet couldn’t replace damaged wheels due to no stock and no dates for wheels we had fitted previously made us quickly retreat from that brand and quickly back to the drawing board, but luckily 2 forged came to the rescue with the ZF1 that is built as a 1 piece flow form light weight wheel, 9” width and is available in 17” & 18” with our bespoke offsets machined to suit, with other designs happening in the near future, we are only going to be offering a better line up.

Available in standard colours Matt Black, Anthracite, Silver, but also available from our exclusive Speedwells colour collection we have an abundance of colours to include some very bespoke options available on request, as well as the generic Race Gold, Race Bronze & Track White also available from the Mini Flares Colour line up

ZF1 9x17 > 9x18 // 4x100 & 5x112 Custom Offsets


Check out the website and get in touch for all your Mini flare needs, they really do transform the look of the Mini, available for the R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, F56, F57, with the Paceman and Countryman being next on the list of chassis Mini flares will build flares for, with the all new clubman and electric Mini on the future hit list



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