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Porsche 997 R13 GT3R

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

We love to see a GT3 styled car hit the street, most of the time we only get to see these types of vehicles on the race track, as most people that know our brand and what we do a GT3 street car is the pinnacle and we have done a few now over the past few years with our Swedish Ferrar458 GT3 way back in 2014 where it all started for us, this post however is all about this rather special Porsche 997 GT3R R13 kitted that is LS7 powered, not only does it sound incredible from the videos we have seen online, but it has the looks to match with the iconic R13 GT3R wide body.


Unfortunately, we cannot stake any claim to this amazing build that’s comes the courtesy of Chavis performance, the LS7 looks right at home in the engine bay and although the Porsche Purist would disagree, but there is no sound like the V8, especially the L3 range, maybe we are a little bias as our Z4 GT3 has the same unit and we just happen to love it.


This particular build is missing a lot of the R13 parts like the front splitter, rear diffuser, the dual canards that sit either side of the front bumper, the front and rear bumper grills, whilst the bumper outtakes have also been filled in front and rear, it has a cup rear wing assembly rather than the R13 set up which isn’t as aggressive, but that’s personal choice as, we just happen to love the R13 rear wing set up, but we offer every parts for this build including carbon doors, roof ? flat bottom under floor.

We love the 18” BBS wheel set up on this build and they need to be rather wide for this conversion with 11 or 12” front wheels and 13” or 14” rear wheels in either 18” or 19” size with widths depending on the tyres selected, we have a couple of bespoke suspension set ups for this build too.


We have a real serious 997 R13 being put together for Joe “997Turbocab” on Instagram being built by Tony at True Performance and we also have an all-new Nissan GTR GT3build that we will be featuring on our blog over the next couple of weeks that we have been heavily involved with, the future is bright, as the future has is plenty of GT3 street builds on the horizon.


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