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Porsche 996 Carbon Aero Upgrades

The Porsche 996 has always be the 911 chassis which Porsche enthusiast seemed to like or loathe, the marmite of the Porsche line up, personally we love it, we have no issues with the front headlights which is the most talked about area of the car as this is the area that people dislike, but you only have to look at cars like the DP Motorsport 996 DP5 to see what you can do to the 996 look, admittedly that look comes at a huge expense, but you can do such a lot to the 996 model and make it look stunning for a relatively small price.


Porsche 996 GT2R Evolution wide body
Porsche 996 GT2R Evolution wide body


Carbon Fibre Wide Body aero kit for Porsche 996 Chassis


For the standard 996 C2 or C4 narrow body we offer the slant nose, which some will love because you lose the oem front light set up, for the wider C4 or Turbo we offer our very own super GT2R Evolution wide body that give the wider Porsche cars an even more aggressive look, available in light weight carbon fibre or our all new cloth based GRP, so let’s look at the GT2R evo aero upgrade and see what you get in the conversion.

The front bumper is a wider RSR/ GT2R affair that is mated to a pair of much wider front fenders with huge extensions moulded in ready to house 10.5” to 11” wheels, you can even fit a 12” front set up if you can find the correct road tyres, but be warned this is a very aggressive set up that is really only needed for an out right track car, for road use we recommend a 10.5x18 with a 275/35R18 tyre. The side skirts connect these huge front blisters to an even larger rear quarter flare that can house wheels 14x18 wide sitting on 335/30R18 or 345/30r18 rear tyres which mate to a wider Turbo style vented rear bumper, aggressive diffuser, ducktail engine cover with a choice of rear wing assembly, it all adds up to a nice little super wide 996 aero conversion that will turn heads, even the heads that dislike the 996 in its o.e.m disguise, 19" wheels can also be used for this conversion if required.

For those that want to enhance or even lose weight from the 996, we also offer, carbon roof replacement, carbon fibre light weight doors, polycarbonate windows, front hoods, and a stunning carbon rood scoop with light weight rear window.

Want to know more about our Porsche 996 aero upgrades …then get in touch and see what we can do for you.



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