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Nissan GTR, by Total Car Concept

Over the last 18 months our Nissan GTR carbon programme has expanded and through that expansion we have met some really cool people and companies and one of the standout company is Total Car Concepts (TCC) based in Bleiswijk in the Netherlands.

What these boys don’t know about the GTR isn’t worth knowing, they are the sole Switzer dealer for the European market and after a visiting them a few months back they have left an everlasting impression.

There are a few GTR tuners in the UK, and to be honest they all self-proclaim to be the best, yet none of them seem to be that approachable, well unless you’re looking to spend thousands with them upgrading your GTR, and if it’s a part they don’t sell or manufacture then they wont sell it, which is one reason we steer clear of them all. TCC on the other hand are the most approachable likable bunch of guys you will ever meet, friendly and not stuck up themselves, whatever your budget is they are happy to help and serve you the customer and they do that rather well.

TCC Nissan GTR GT3 Build

If you own a GTR, then you would have heard of Switzer Performance, a US based GTR tuning company that just goes about the business of tuning GTRS, with an attitude of no bullshit or marketing bullshit, just raw no frills GTR tuning, we just love the Tym Switzers direct let’s get to it approach, and the boys at TCC have some pretty spectacular Switzer performance daily driven GTR’s ready for you to take a rise, and they do exactly what it says on the tin and all at a very affordable price, so the most popular is the P800 Package, so lets lok at what you get for your money with the Switzer P800 package:

Nismo GTR in for some TCC upgrades

This package will transform your GT-R into a 800hp and 900nm monster.

About The P800 Package:

Godzilla lives up to its name when it’s transformed into one of Switzer’s P800 R35 GTR models! Switzer’s P800 GTR is one of the most popular R35 GTR tuning programs in the industry, and with 100's of P800's on the roads and tracks around the world it’s easy to see why. With predictable, linear power delivery and no lag penalty compared to stock, these 800 hp road cars are ready and able to chase down anything on the road, from exotic Italian supercars to some of the fastest street bikes around … without punishing their drivers. The Switzer P800 GTR Nissan is a serious pump-gas performer that remains smooth and reliable enough to drive all day, every day.

The P800 Features:

• Switzer ball-bearing turbocharger upgrades

• High-pressure wastegate actuators

• High-flow intake assembly

• Switzer MONSTER intercoolers

• Switzer high-flow test pipes (down pipes)

• High-flow fuel injectors

• Switzer fuel system upgrades

• P800 Calibration

• Switzer racing thermostat

• New cooling fluid

• New engine oil + filter

• Airco refill

TCC offer a European car collection service, so logistics aren’t a problem, they take the pain out of everything, all you have to do is sit back whilst they build a GTR tuning to your choice.

This is the best power upgrade on the market for the price, using the best parts available to achieve the best results, don’t believe us then get in-touch with Nick or Kevin, I’m sure their demo GTR will convert you, just don’t forget to tell them the guys at VAD sent you.

Collection service available on request, just sit back and let the guys at TCC collect then "TUNE" your GTR

Total Car Concept Christiaan Huygensstraat 8 2665 KX Bleiswijk Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 105210900

Mob: +316 51717933


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