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Nissan GTR GT3 Street

If there is one build we have been waiting for to be complete its this one, now finally we can talk all about this epic Build that our good friend Chris Phan has put together, especially now it’s been out an about for a while,

it’s time to play catch up and talk about this amazing build. To say the final reveal blew us away is an understatement, this GTR makes a serious statement for a road going GT3 Street builds and Chris has executed the plans for his build to absolute perfection, every time we seen this beauty on our daily media feeds we still have to convince ourselves this car is not a Nismo GTR GT3 that races in the Blancpain series, it’s a street build that resides in California.


It was around November, December 2019 when Chris first got in touch with us regarding his plans to update his utterly amazing Purple Varis kitted GTR, at first we thought he wasn’t serious as his GTR in that Varis disguise was absolute perfection, but I guess the lure of a wide body had bitten deep and I know from our early chats that he looked at the all new Silhouette LB Works kit was a serious thought and potentially the route he was looking to take, but we are happy to say Chris seen the light and as most wide body GTR builds stateside are either Rocket Bunny or Liberty Walk, which just makes your GTR look like every other GTR wide body in the states and Chris didn’t want to be the usual sheep and wanted something a little more unique, and let’s face it doesn’t get any more unique than a GT3 street build, as Chris said…it’s the pinnacle GTR.

With the kit manufactured and shipped off it wasn’t long before Chris took delivery and got on to planning the build, which came with a few headaches, we lived and breathed this build with him through the highs and lows and there were a few lows, but as with any wide body project you will always have moments of desperation, especially when you rely on others that are involved with the build process, good custom body shops are extremely hard to come by, but with the bodywork fitted and painted it was time to choose the livery and wheels of choice.


For the wheels Chris wanted the race look 6 spoke design, if they made them wide enough there would of only been one choice and that would be the Volk racing TE37, but unfortunately without all of the race spec suspension a 1 piece wheel just isn’t going to cut it on this conversion, so the LD97 wheels were chosen to be more specific the LDT6 with the added centre lock conversion for more aesthetic race look, and we must say they look absolutely incredible in the chosen gold colour that were actually repainted by BulletProof Coating, as the LD97 factory gold wasn’t quite to Chris’s liking, being a perfectionist and knowing every detail in a build is important and we think it shows with this GT3 Street build.

With the bodywork completed, next up was the Livery and this is where Chris threw us a curved ball as we always thought the GTR was going to stay white with the factory launch red, white and black GT3 livery, but Chris had other ideas and we are glad he did as the livery is next level, pulled off by the talented guys over at acd customsllc and they absolutely smashed it right out the park, this livery is just immense that has brought the vision and Photoshop creation to life, it really is a statement wrap and completes the overall build, it really does scream race car.

For now, the build is complete and Chris will not enjoy the car and hit the scene with various shows around California, but as with all project cars are they really ever done, im sure Chris will be titivating this GTR for months to come and we can’t really blame him, its one very special project that will look at home of the track as it will on the road, it’s a build we are immensely proud to be involved with and glad to have a guy like Chris in the VAD family.



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