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FOM Performance Weave 17

We took delivery this week of the FOM Performance forged wheels for the Speedwells project Datsun 280ZX V8 Turbo and to say are happy is an understatement, the quality is absolutely stunning and we myself and Iby are so pleased with the design, its an old school look but has all of the modern day forging technology, I really don’t think there is a better choice of wheel design for this build.


FOM have a huge selection of designs as well as making some of our own VAD wheel designs throughout 2020, the first one will be our F1 design for our Z4 GT3.

The range is available in 17” 18” 19” 20” with other sizes be added to the range in the coming months, but generally if the blank forgings are available then the sizes, widths and offsets can be produced.

As with any custom 3 piece range the sizes, widths and applications are endless, as with the finishes, so if you have a request… get in touch.

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May 30, 2022

Gratefull for sharing this

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