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BMW Z4 GT3 V8 Street almost complete

It’s been a few weeks since we have been able to get back on to the finishing touches of the Z4, but this is a shop build so it takes the back seat on our day to day business, but perfection takes time, so we are happy to spare what we can when we can which is what is making it such an enjoyable build and with the weather changing it’s not like the car will be out and about any time soon as we have now locked it away for the Winter months.


Rear Wing fixings and quick release pins


These week has seen us find and locate a brand new front bumper grill which we are thrilled at so that is now on route to us, its also seen us mock up the rear wing which has been a challenge to get it mounted so the boot can still be used, as the race ring is chassis boot floor mounted which is what we didn’t want to do on our own build.


Rear wing Assembly Rear Bumper Grills


The rear wing as we have previously discussed is the rear deal Gen 2 Z4 GT3 which we can now produce for any further builds, its mounted using the BMW Z4 GT3 race hardware with the quick release pins so to put on and take off is pretty easy, which is why we wanted this set up so badly.

We get customers asking us why our conversion is more expensive than the other companies that also offer this conversion and our answer is very simple, attention to detail, we also offer parts that our competition doesn’t, we are the only company to offer finish bumper grills front and rear with stainless hardware, dual blade rear wing with quick release pins with our conversion for the track or the street, plus the fact we have actually built a street car, so we are not just advertising the parts on a webpage without a clue how to fit them.


Over the winter months we will be releasing more images of the progress along with some video footage so you get to finally hear this beauty on start up.


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