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BMW Z4 GT3 V8 Road build

Over the last few months our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 build has really come on leaps and bounds with the kit fitted and painted, a build that should have been done two years previous but over the last couple of years thinking we were in safe hands, thinking we were working with what we though some of the industry finest, unfortunately as with any self-proclaimed “we are the best at what we do bollocks”, you kind of run with it, but as they say shit happens and you just move on, roll on 6 months later after putting all of the misery behind us, were happy to say the car is 85% finished, we still have a bit to do on the car, and its all the little details that are going to take the time, we are still waiting on the dual blade blancpain rear spoiler set up to be finished by our composite team, which is a big part of the conversion so its something we want fitted on the car when we eventually bring it out to play.


VAD BMW Z4 GT3 on the way back from paint


The plan was to get the car finished and ready for the Performance car show in January 2020 at the NEC Birmingham, but that’s not going to be possible, so we plan to get the car finished for winters end, we will head down to caffeine and Machine in Ettington, Warwickshire for a full shoot.

So whats left to do on our project BMW gt3, we still have the wheels to change along with the tyre specs, Bilstein suspension needs to be set up properly, and we need to mount the diffuser so we can finish off the exhaust, front and rear bumper grills, bonnet alienment and the rear spoiler and mounting system needs to be finished, only then will the car be ready to be shown to the world.


BMW Z4 GT3 V8 road build is almost complete


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