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3SDM Forged Wheels.

Wheels maketh the car right, so it’s important to choose not just the right design but the right wheel brand and with so many wheel brands on the market where do you start, which is a difficult choice for us, so I can only imagine what that’s like for you the customer, that is looking to make or break their build, and it really is a mine field of good and not so good product.

Over the last couple of years, we have become very disgruntled with the wheel brands we have been involved with that are manufactured stateside, as the loyalty, quality and customer service seems to have gone backwards, as the wheel market shrinks with new wheel brands that seem to open on a weekly basis, which is having an impact on the larger brands as they push for more sales, so its numbers over brand quality.



We have already covered our forged range of magnesium wheels, along with the brands we source from Japan which are some of our favourite wheel brands, and it helps that the Japanese are so easy to deal with and quality over quantity is what they are renown for, which is us to a tee, but we are happy to say we are adding a fresh high quality brand to the VAD line up and its home grown to, right here in the UK, 3SDM.




We have been chatting to Dylan the owner for a while, buying some of his cast wheels for our Mini R56 wide flare conversions and although they supply a few companies around the UK, we will not only be offering the 3SDM brand, but working with them on other exciting products, whilst they will also be making some of our own VAD wheel designs, and all on our door step, which is a huge bonus.

Lead time are the usual 4 to 6 weeks, which can grow depending on how busy the factory is, but we aim to half that by finishing our own wheels, that will be done exclusively by our wheel refinishing partners Speedwells who are based in Birmingham not too far from the VAD HQ.

A full option list of size, width and finish is available with every PCD and offset catered for, to include centre lock, new and old, as well as bespoke applications and limited exclusive production runs, we will also be working with the team on our own unique wheel designs, so keep an eye out for further details and if you require an information on the line up and what’s coming over the next few months, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



It's all in the details... 3SDM Forged 3 piece wheels


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