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The Immaculate Speedwell's Wide Body Supra.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

We have been involved with the Speedwells wide body Supra programme for some time now, and it’s been selling well on a global scale which is fantastic for the brand and the conversion, but what gets us really excited is a home grown build and we have two beauties both coming to the end of the process, this particular post is all about the beautiful Supra that our good friend Sean Reid has put together, and this is one that we have simply fell in love with, the metal up close and personal this car is simply breathtaking.

Sean Reid and his stunning Speedwells wide body Toyota Supra

The car isn’t 100% complete, but for the last few months we have been pushing Sean to get the bodywork finished so at least we could shoot the car, and it just goes to show if you give someone enough ear ache, things get done because the Supra was prepared and finished last week ready for our photoshoot, it still need some interior finishing, along with some tuning parts for the engine side of the conversion, but the body work is absolute perfect.

We have seen pictures of Seans car in the build process, but this is the very first time we have actually got to see the car in the flesh and the colour is just beautiful, one of our favourites so far for the Speedwells conversion, the Porsche slate grey suits this car and the lines to perfection and its great to see a new colour on a speedwells widebody Supra.

The chosen location is in Hall Green Birmingham, which is pretty local to the Speedwells HQ, a location we had been discussing over the past couple of weeks with Iby, as he wants to shoot the Porsche 997R at this very location, so we couldn’t resist talking the Supra there, as you can see from the shoot the location turned out perfect.

Sean has so many beautiful details on this Supra with more on the way, we particularly like the halo front and rear light set up, along with the tinted front lenses, and as we said previously the Porsche slate grey colour is an absolute inspired choice, it suits the lines of the wider supra to perfection, its definitely one of our personal favourites and althugh its not the first time this colour has been used on a Supra build but it’s a first for this conversion.

We maybe a little bias but the wheel choice is also on point, it’s our own brand that adorns this build, you just cannot go wrong with a mesh style design, our Forged VM1 maybe some 7 years old now, but its still a beauty and Sean had made his mind up after seeing our old 997 RSR build back in 2013 that this was the wheel he just had to have, with 10.5x19 > 275/30R19 on the front and 13x19>315/30r19 on the rear, which fill the fenders to the maximum, finish in gloss black and matt black contrast to the centre and the inner and outer rims, finished off with polished hardware.

This is one supra we will revisit after the interior and engine upgrades have been completed, as this is one car that deserves all the attention its going to get, for now we are just going to drool over the pictures of this beauty.

Speedwells Wide Body Supra

Speedwells Wide Body Totota Supra, in Porsche Slate Grey

So what is next for the Speedwells wide body … well we have white one that’s almost due for release from our friend up North, from the streets of Newcastle, yep we have yet another home grown UK build about to join the Speedwells family, more to follow on that build as we get updated.

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