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Carbon fibre roof for the Nissan GTR

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

For the last few months we have been adding various carbon fibre parts to our various product lines, with the Porsche brand being the main focus for most of the updates, but after being tiered of sourcing parts we didn’t make for the Nissan GTR we have just become extremely tiered of bad quality, especially when we have been ordering from the main stream players of the industry and paying good money for absolute garbage.

This post could easily tune into a rage of how bad the parts are and what is being charged, but we are not that kind of company, but what we can say is if you are paying $2850 USD for a so called American manufactured part, you expect great quality, what you don’t expect flaws in the carbon, or a badly laid weave, and as this is the fourth GTR carbon roof we have had issue with over the last couple of months it was time to take action, which is exactly what we have done.

We have decided to manufacture our very own GTR replacement carbon fibre roof, this is not a skin, this is a replacement part and we are taking pre-orders now, so if you want the best quality super lightweight carbon fibre roof for your GTR, get In touch with us for pricing and lead time.

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