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Porsche 991.2 GT3R

The R programme for the Porsche is a pretty special race car, we have always preferred the look over the RSR look, it’s the more wider aggressive look and in 997 guise we didn't think it would get any better, that was until Porsche decided to hit us with the very latest 2019 spec R package for the 991 chassis and boy oh boy it’s pretty spectacular.

When the R was first released for the 991.1 it was nice but for us the 997 was still a better look, when the did the upgrade for the 991.2 in 2016 it really grabbed our attention, so much that we added the aero to our line-up, but we still preferred the older 991.2 R look, but with the all new release of the 2019 R package Porsche have just knocked it straight out the part … its quite phenomenal.

This R has taken on a completely different look to the older 991 generations, with a complete make over from front to rear, and we absolutely love the vents that adorn the top of the front fenders, as well as the rear quarter inlets and the rear bumper is just sublime, Porsche you have done it again and created yet another master piece.

In true wide body fashion, the conversion consists of the usual parts:

Front bumper, bumper canards, front floor with splitter, front fenders, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear ducktail engine cover and the optional rear wing assembly.

There are all the extra parts available like the flat bottom floor, light weight carbon cup doors, Kevlar arch liners front and rear, carbon roof, carbon front vented bonnet.

This is one 991 we cannot wait to put together, get in touch with us for details on this amazing aero conversion for your Porsche 991 chassis.

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