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Another Fraud Warning, Carbostuff Engineering, Dominik Bahn.

Carbostuff Engineering

There doesn't seem to be a month that goes by where we are not contacted by someone thats having or had issues with Dominik Bahn and his company Carbostuff Engineering.

We have moved on personally from our own loss from this company due to the fact that it was consuming far too much of our time as well as cost and we wanted to forget all about the name "Carbostuff Engineering" and re-focus our attention on our own business, working with genuine people who want to produce product and supply what has been paid for without any drama, so we are letting the local German authorities deal with the situation in hand, the more information they gather the more the worse it will be long term for himself, it will end up biting him at some point we have lots of collective information that is dating back to the end of 2014, so its all in hand.

In April 2018 Vince Muriti the owner of Perfect Auto Body based in Sydney Australia made contact us, he had ordered and paid a 75% deposit for a complete front end for his Audi R8 LMS race car from Dominik Bahn back in October 2017 and by April 2018 Dominik Bahn had stopped replying to his emails, it was his search on the Internet that he came across our blog posts regarding the past antics of Carbostuff Engineering, unfortunately our blog was not able to assist as it too little too late, as he like many others around the world have been scammed by Dominik Bahn.

Reading through the email trail it seems he still uses the same old excuses, for the lengthy delay of why the parts haven't been delivered.

We have been asked to go public with this story to show our industry around the world that Carbostuff still doing what he has always done, take money and do not supply any parts, generally deceiving people and that deception is theft.

Vince ordered and paid for parts in good faith in October 2017 yet he is still waiting on his parts 14 months later, the last email he received from Dominik Bahn was back in December 2017, unfortunately Vince joins the ever growing list of people who have lost money to this guy.

We here from various sources that he is looking at taking legal action against our blog posts, we sincerely hope its true and look forward to hearing from his legal team, there are a lot of people 3 years on with no parts and no refund, I'm sure each and everyone is more that happy to tell their story and take their own legal council.

All we can do is keep doing what we are doing and that is to report on the facts, that Dominik Bahn is still doing what he has been doing for a long time, which is to deceive people out of their cash.


Invoice from Dominik Bahn from Carbostuff Engineering, no parts delivered and no refund,

Invoiced 24/10/2017

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