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Newing Japan, Alpil RSR Aero

The RSR wide body aero programme from Newing Japan has been added to our website, we have done exceedingly well with the Golf Mk5 aero, so this is a welcome and nice addition to the current Alpil body kit line-up.

We have been importing wheels and aero parts from Japan for over 20 years and we love to source and sell the high-quality products that some companies in Japan offer and Newing have quickly become a top brand, The RSR range is relatively new, both were launched at 2017 TAS show and have been quick to gain some great exposure, and we are please to announce they are available from all VAD stores.

Alpil Audi R8 RSR Wide Body Aero Programme by Newing Japan

Alpil Audi R8 RSR Wide Body Aero Programme by Newing Japan

The look is typical Japanese over fender style which is what a lot of Japanese tuning companies are producing, we like these kits as they have a smoother look over the traditional bolt-on, they are more "je ne sais quoi" over the current trend. Both kits have over fenders, the VW Beetle has an 8 piece with front and rear bumper splitters, the Audi R8 is a little more serious with huge rear quarter panel over fenders, and lots of carbon fibre.

Both can be viewed in on on-line gallery, so hit the links and take a look and get in touch with us regarding any enquiries you may have.

Newing VW Beetle RSR

Get in touch with the VAD team for more information on the Newing Product

To view the product in the on line gallery click the links below

ALPIL Audi R8 RSR Gallery

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