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APAC Built VAD Wide Body GTR breaks cover.

Back in April Derrick Nowell and his company APAC (Auto Performance Aesthetics Centre) took delivery of the VAD GT1 wide body aero kit for his very own GTR build, as most car enthusiasts will know especially the GTR scene APAC have been building some really cool looking GTR's for a while now, putting their own unique style and touch on Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny kitted wide body GTR's, smoothing and blending the riveted kits with their renowned paint skills has made for some pretty mouth watering GTR's, so when Derrick got in touch we were pretty excited by the possibility of what they could do with our very own wide body. and boy oh boy they have smashed it.

APAC Built & Owned VAD GT1 GTR, Picture Credit BonnerFX

As reported in our last blog post about the build we knew it was going to be a bit special, as we had been privy to the colour the GTR would be painted, albeit this was changed half way through the build process, we also knew the wheel design and colour, so its been very difficult for us to keep it all a under wraps, secret squirrel is very difficult for us as the excitement can some time take over, we generally cant hold our own water.. but we have surpassed ourselves this time round and kept it buttoned.

The quality off this build is another level, the paint finish is sublime, and the colour is just gives that wow factor, especially mated with those 20" RS-1 by RSV forged, the anthracite finish with the gold studs just work so well with the Verde Ithaca green, so fresh.

APAC Built & Owned VAD GT1 GTR, Picture Credit BonnerFX, ...the devils in the details

The touches we love, that draw us in, the use of the exposed carbon fibre that adorns the bonnet, roof and boot lid, all finished in high gloss clear coat, then there is the black Newton race fuel cap, Derrick could of fitted his OEM fuel door cap as the kit is designed to use the OEM mechanism, which would of been the easiest choice, but we get the feeling these boys do not do easy way and its all about the details, its such a lush combination.

APAC Built & Owned VAD GT1 GTR, Picture Credit BonnerFX

So with the body work done, Derrick will be turning his attention to the interior, we have no idea what he has planned, but if the exterior is anything to go by, it will be tasteful and ooze quality.

This is one GTR build that is going to stand the test of time, the quality of finish, the parts used and the quality of build is going to make sure this GTR will be a huge draw where ever the APAC team take it.

We are really proud of this build, Derrick has surpassed what we expected, and with these boys being part of the VAD family its sure to be the first of many, get in touch with them for any VAD related product, and let them show you their world of ... QUALITY

APAC Built & Owned VAD GT1 GTR, Picture Credit BonnerFX

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