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VAD News, Builds and Collaborations

It’s been a busy couple of months at VAD, we are working with some great people and great companies, and the good news is it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon, we have so much in the pipeline, it really is turning into an exciting year, we are pleased we took the decision to make collaborating a focus point for 2018, as it has attracted some real quality people & outlets to our brand. The first collaboration to break cover this year was our good friends Reflex Auto Design Daventry who purchased our Old & New slate nose wide body aero kit for their Porsche 997 Carrera C2, and we must say they did an amazing job, we knew the livery was happening as we were privy to the original concept, draw up by the hugely talented Khyzyl Saleem, AKA the KYZA and the concept to reality has gone down a storm, if you need to see the RAD boys credentials for their paint gun skills, they get up close and personal to this stunning new edition, its mind blowing.

Old & New Porsche 997 Slant Nose, Build Reflex Auto Design, Pictures by Slam Sanctuary

After a Week of getting our breath back, we heard from Bryce who was meeting Brandon from Woyshnis Media was heading to Colorado to capture his wide body GTR that had just been completed, and to say he produced the goods is a bit of an understatement, we will be doing a blog post of Bryce’s completed Ichiban build during the week with Brandon dropping the video in the coming weeks… this is one epic build that Brandon has pictured up to perfection.

Ichiban GTR

Bryce Jenkins Nissan GTR Wide body, Ichiban

Another exciting collaboration that happening and about to break cover is our good friend Iby from Speedwells Refinishing, and his awe inspiring, game changing Porsche 997 BI-Turbo, that he has fitted with our carbon fibre wide body R aero kit, we have be involved with this build from scratch, as we are local and he’s a close friend, Iby is a master class, nothing fazes him and he has methodically put this car together, thinking about every detail, as real master class, if you think his Toyota Supra builds were good, wait till you see this creation, its mind numbingly good, he is a perfectionist and I'm extremely proud of him with what he has created, this really is the pinnacle when it comes to Porsche 997 builds, as you will all discover when this car breaks cover, all being well, at the end of this month.

Speedwells Refinishing, Porsche 997 wide body Bi-Turbo R

Another build that is happening is with the talented APAC Auto crew over in Maryland USA, Derrick Nowell the owner is putting the VAD GT1 wide body aero on to his own personal Nissan GTR, which we have discussed in an earlier post, you can follow this particular build on the APAC Facebook as well as this blog as the build progresses, with what Derrick has shared with us so fare we can see why they have such and unbelievable reputation for building cars, their skill set is second to none.

APAC Built, VAD wide body GTR under construction

So what else in in the pipeline, we have a nice little build starting with the MSL Parts shop, the guys are good friends with Iby, and he got us involved with their 964 wide body build, which could be wearing our 3.8 RSR aero and old school super wide 18” Race style Centerlock forge wheels. We also have a couple of GTR Ichiban Builds happening in California, David Haagsma is giving his SP Engineering built time attack GTR a little make over, so this is one build we are very much looking forward to following.

With all this going on we still have our own project to finish, but as with all builds like ours, it takes time and money, we have had a few issues down on the way and we have decided to move the car to Reflex Auto Design so they can get stuck in to finishing and painting.

David Haagsma SP Engineering Built Nissan GTR, about to have its make over

We feel extremely privileged to be working in some capacity with all these people / companies who are creating pure brilliance with our parts, stay tuned for news as all these builds drop.

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