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Total Car Concepts

Total Car Concepts have a great reputation for building high quality GTR's, you only have to ask the big chief of Battalion 35 who runs a highly modified and extremely fast Switzer Ultimate 1000 GTR, built by the boys at TCC.

In our last post we discussed them taking delivery of some GTR parts from Carbostuff Engineering, we would like to to state so there is no misunderstanding that they have no affiliation with Dominik Bahn or his company, we merely used them as a reference to the fact that they are one of the very few people / companies who have ordered parts from Carbostuff Engineering and have taken delivered which was for their GTR GT3 time attack car.

TCC have built and continue to build some of the finest road going GTR in Europe and we cannot wait to see these guys hit the track, and you can be sure when their GTR race car is finally released, we will be filling you guys in on all the details.. watch this space for more news.

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