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Carbon Fibre Wheels

Carbon fibre wheels are on the increase as customers start to demand the pinnacle material when it comes to wheel manufacturing, with even the likes of Porsche joining the super lightweight wheel party with their introduction of their own light weight carbon fibre wheel. There are a couple of 1-piece after market wheels already on sales, but for our tastes they just don’t quite cut it, sorry but it has to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as doing what it says on the tin … the two piece wheels that have also hit the market recently also lack that certain “Je ne sais quoi” there isn't one wheel design that gives us that “wow factor” and certainly wouldn't invest the large sums of money the manufacturers want for their product, they may have function, but they lack form.

As a company that cut its whiskers on custom manufactured 1, 2 and 3 piece wheels, we are always looking for the perfect wheel, It’s something we strive for year after year, only a few months back we discussed and showcased our first ever magnesium and carbon fibre hybrid forged wheel in 1 piece monoblock form, that we built for our good friends over at Icon F1, these wheel were built or their amazing Mercedes AMG C Class Coupe Edition 1, not just any Edition 1 either, this is a limited run of the Motorsport edition, it’s a beast of a car, larger brakes, better interiors, and a bit more power, we are still aiming to bring you to full installation article over the coming weeks, but we have both had really busy schedules, but something we will report on when the testing happens.

The good thing about using a 1-piece forged magnesium monoblock wheel is the weight, if you get the design right the product is super light whilst being immensely strong, but the applications are extremely limited, we simply cannot offer every fitment as the monoblock forgings have limited widths, which is a little frustrating, it’s the same with our 3 piece forged carbon composite wheel, applications are again limited due to a variety of issues, brakes and offsets are the two problem areas for the 3 Piece composite carbon wheel configuration, but we now have a great light weight solution for most applications.

Carbon Fibre Barrels, Forged Magnesium Centre, 2 piece Hybrid Wheel

We have a 2-piece hybrid wheel and the product is pretty special, the first part is a carbon fibre barrel and the best bit is these carbon fibre barrels have full German TUV approval, so straight way it’s a product that inspires confidence, the second part of the wheel the centres are forged magnesium, fixed with titanium hardware, a combination that is not only stupendously light weight, but incredible strong, with the added bonus, you can pretty much have any design you want. There are already designs in place with all of the current VAD designs available to choose from as well as new designs being added over the next few months. The size and widths of the barrels are as follows, with a huge range of applications available to include centre lock, custom bespoke builds are also available on request.

8.5x19 > 10x19 > 11x19 > 12x19 // 9x20 > 10x20 > 11x20 > 12x20 9.5x21 > 10x21 > 12.5x19 // 10x22 > 12x22

The 19” and 20” wheels are fixed with 32 x M6 Titanium bolt fasteners, the 21” and 22” are fixed with 32 x M8 Titanium bolt fasteners. Any information required on fitments, testing and pricing, get in touch with the VAD sales team

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