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Ichiban GTR, wins its first Trophy, Hot Import Nights, Denver, 31st March 2018

Bryce has had a very busy couple of months with his build of late, our last blog post about his GTR he had taken delivery of the super sticky Michelin tyres and it was back to being a daily ride, it was great to his Instagram feed fill up with pictures of the car at various locations, its been great following the progression from start to finish and it seems he has no intention of slowing down.

Ichiban GTR, HOT IMPORT NIGHTS, Denver Mart, Denver 31st March 2018

The last couple of weeks has seen him welcome Brandon Woyshnis, the owner of Woyshnis Media for a real slick photoshoot and if the teasers are anything to go by, we are in for a treat as they look spectacular, we cant wait for the full set of pictures to hit our mail along with the video footage, Christmas is definitely coming early this year.

With the photoshoot locked and loaded and Brandon heading home the next stop for Bryce and the GTR was to hit the Hot Imports Nights show, Denver Mart, Denver, Saturday 31st of March and we must say it seems is was a worthy trip as the Ichiban GTR came away with Hottest Wide Body, which we are super excited about especially that we know this is just the beginning for this GTR's journey.

Ichiban GTR Wide Body

Ichiban GTR, HOT IMPORT NIGHTS, Denver Mart, 31st March 2018, Winner Of Hottest Wide Body

Bryce and Taylor Jenkins

Bryce & Taylor Jenkins "WINNING" surely the first of many Trophies. Winner of Hottest Wide Body

Big congrats to Bryce and Taylor, they really have done the VAD name proud, its a pleasure to have them apart of the VAD family, onwards and upwards #VAD2K18

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