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Porsche 997 "R" Updates, and new aero for the 991 Chassis

Over the Christmas period the boys over at Speedwells have put in an extraordinary shift, whilst most people were off enjoying the rest over the festive period, Iby the owner of speedwell refinishers was in graft mode, and in that short space of time has almost completed the Porsche 997 “R” wide body make over.

What it would take most people a good few weeks to put together has taken Iby two, you might be thinking that in that short space of time the quality wouldn't be as good and would suffer, but you would be wrong, the build quality and attention to detail is the same usual mind blowing quality we personally have come to expect from Iby at Speedwells, like the OEM Turbo site air vents that have been grafted into the new super wide carbon quarter panel, modifying the front fender air vent for the all new alloy fuel cap, its details like this that make this his finest work to date.

The paint skills have been taken care of by Taj at Perfections Midlands Limited and we can tell you Basalt black has never looked so good, he’s done a pretty amazing job painting all the carbon fibre GT3R panels, as well as giving the 997 Turbo’s other panels a freshen up, the guys got skills.

There is still lots of little details to finish, like the rear bumper paint and install as its needed a little modification, along with the fitting of the front and rear bumper grills, upgrades to the front and rear lights as well as a fresh set of indicator driving lights to be installed, and also the 3 piece forged wheels have yet to arrive and be wrapped in the super wide Michelin rubber.

knowing Iby as we do, this car will evolve, as he will always be fettling around with it, because that’s how you perfect a build.

Another great addition to our Porsche line up is the “R” carbon programme for the 991 chassis, its been a while coming but we are pleased to announce its now available, as per the 997 model, all of the same parts apply and we will have a basic package with lots of additional optional extras.

Basic kit will consist of: Front bumper, front floor, front splitter, front fenders, side rockers, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear wing assembly rear engine cover and front vented bonnet.

We also have a huge range of forged wheels available in a range of sizes, 11” fronts and 13” rear, with our all new super lightweight Forged Magnesium also available for this conversion, email the team for details on this upgrade or any of any aero conversions.

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