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BMW F80 Wide Body, Class act from 2M Autowerks

With all the riveted over fender being fitted around the world at the moment, it’s a refreshing change to see a wide body aero kit hit the market without a single rivet insight, which is exactly what the guys at 2M Autowerks have done with their amazing new GT3 wide body kit for the BMW F80 /F30 chassis, and it’s one pretty epic looking conversion.

BMW F80 M3 Wide Body

Apart from the odd conversion like the Porsche 911 we personally aren't keen on the riveted over fender look, not because it’s been done to death, more the fact that it really doesn't suit every vehicle, over the last two years the market has been saturated, with more vehicles being added a what seems a weekly basis, I guess its each to their own, we just prefer the 2M route of a none riveted look, it might be a more difficult and more expensive process, but the overall look is so much more pleasing to the eye.

The kit has been out for a while, the first one being built for Steve Samuel or as most will know him on Instagram Soofy619, and for those of you who don’t know the car or the man, head over and take a look at his breath taking ride, the boys at 2M Autowerks really have set the bar extremely high with this conversion, and we are very happy to be working with getting this kit to the UK / European market.

The aero kit consists of the following parts: Front bumper, front splitter, front wider fenders, side rockers, rear fenders, rear bumper, with the rear wing and assembly also available as an option extra

BMW F80 M3 Wide Body

As with all wide body conversions, you need a wide wheel and tyre set up, and this beauty is no different with a huge range of 2 or 3 piece forged wheels available in 19” or 20” sizes, and you will need 10” front wheels with 13.5” rear wheel set up and tyres to suit.

For more details on this classy conversion, get in touch with us and we will more than happily discuss your individual requirements.

2M AUTOWERKS BMW F80 / F30 Wide body aero conversion

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